Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blog fun

While I am loving on boys who can talk, lemme tell ya to go look at Raven's website.

"I am some dude who wastes time with different types of interactive mechanisms. That's my thing, ya know. I also do things that nobody but me cares about, and then share them, because we live in an age of self-important pretendery."

This American Life

Copy and paste this into your browser to listen to brilliant NPR's Scott Carrier talk about his job interviewing schizophrenic patients for the state. Heartbreaking and honest. If you have a chance listen to all four acts, but the first act is the one I am recommending.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Knitted tank cozy

Will I ever get over ? I hope not.

PS I tasted bbq bear this weekend.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rosalind Wyatt
Heritage journal entries stitched on vintage kimonos - I'm in love.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the altered book of she vs. he

This has been a journal I put a page into most nights. No matter what I have to work with I often end up with someone really glorious on one page (usually a girl) and some gruff character on the other page with his fists up.

What could it all mean?

50 ideas to add in your altered book

paste in: pockets, envelopes, candy wrappers, fortunes from the cooky, feathers, hair (some people will say that is gross, I know), your best doodles from your notebooks, pretty found items from nature or urban life, fabric scraps, safety pins, teacher's stars, color copies of your photos, magazine pictures that you have messed with (or not messed with), ribbon, rhinestones, baker's twine, leaves, ticket stubs, postcards, pretty paper.

Handmade paper dolls, and handmade paper doll clothes, buttons, vintage ephemera, old stamps, butcher or sandwich paper, coin envelopes, shapes cut from torn out pages (colored to contrast can look nice)

To do lists in pencil, decoupaged decorated napkins, handmade paper flowers, vellum (layers and layers are fun), blank tags that you decorated, tags from your purchases that someone else designed, wee little mirrors, seeds and spices, google eyes, little spindly twigs, slides, butterfly wings, wires, corrogated cardbaord, sushi grass, sequins, dots from the hole puncher, thin wooden comb ( Ijust thought of that and want to try it!), text cut from other sources.......

Friday, April 3, 2009

Altered Book again

These are from the journal I am working on now.

Altered Book

Some images from the latest journal, "boyfriend gallery"