Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thinking of the Fall

My daughter is on the verge of 11 and so "precocious" and growing up fast. She loves to hear stories about me at the same age. The crazy thing is that I was just the same - plotting my escape and imaging the wide world. She would like to move along, fall in love and be a cute cowgirl type. I was reading Andy Warhol's "Interview" and imaging a life in NYC where I would befriend some real, weird artists.

In Detroit we got Canadian television and radio, which was much more adventurous. This Fall video particularly I remember. It made me feel like, "Whoa, life is freaky and limitless"

What is fun to me now, on the saddest most unsatisfying day of my life I can remember that I have done almost everything on my to do list. (There is a whole new list now, but that is for later) Check the record.

The Fall New Big Prinz