Friday, February 15, 2013

Vollis Simpson Whirligigs

I walked into a friend's house this week and there was a Vollis Simpson whirligig. I thought this couple was cool in the first place, but this took the hummingbird cake. It's like every day I get more Southern and feel more like laying down in a field of metal whirlygigs built by an old man in North Carolina. Please look at to get the picture.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Vali Myers and Gianni Menicheti

My friend Jessika told me about this woman who had a pet fox and wore bright red hair and black eyeliner. She had a cage in her house that she liked to go into and a throne for the fox. She lived in Italy with a much younger man who was totally in love with her and over 100 animals in an enchanted, wild valley. They were both artists.

I developed a fixation upon hearing this. It turns out that I had Vali Meyers' picture on my wall, just by happenstance. I just finished reading her biography, written by Gianni Menicheti, whose artwork is posted above. Her is a short, inspiring video, if you have 9 minutes to spare: