Monday, October 29, 2012

Alexander Korzer-Robinson Books

Stellar hand cut altered books. Such precision.They are surprisingly affordable as well.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Picnic

All of these photos:
Incredible paper mache masks by Jessika Flint

Birthday with my Time Twin! This is what we do on October 15 - dress up, have picnic cake and wine and take pictures.

I am going to start reporting my "thrift scores". Tattered parasol with lucite handle in the pink wig photo. Makes me really happy.

Candy Darling

Since I am on the heartbreak train tonight, one last photo. Candy Darling, on her deathbed.

Yayoi Kusama

I love finding an artist who is new to me (but in this case, someone who has been creating for many decades) but feels like an old friend, or even a part of my own psyche. She has lived in a mental institution in Japan since 1977, painting the polka dots ("infinity nets") that she sees in hallucinations. She writes, paints, sculpts, draws and stages installations and happenings of epic proportions. My heart races when I look at her work. I really do feel my molecules breaking apart, or something dramatic like that,

I found this in Juxtapoz magazine: "From paintings as a teenager, to her experimental performance work while living in NYC in the 1960s, to major and immersive installations, to her return to painting and voluntarily living in a psychiatric institution, the Tate's examination of Yayoi's amazing career is thorough and extensive. What the viewer feels leaving the exhibition is that the artist was a art project herself, presenting each project and work as an extension of her life and lifestyle."

And Wikipedia:

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October is Thrilling Because it is Spooky and Inspiring

Just watched the Roky Erikson documentary, "You're Gonna Miss Me". I have to post this video, which was shot during one of  his many stays in the mental hospital.

He was a genius, through and through. He had an odd childhood, forced electroshock and over 300 acid trips. That is where this poem comes from. It's more than 7 minutes long but it will give you chills, I promise.

These are images from needlepoint/group therapy sessions at Hammer Museum in LA. Images are culled from Josh Greene's blog.