Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Things Are Happening

This summer has been kid-crazy. Either we are having a lot of fun or we are torturing each other. It didn't leave much time for blogging.

Today was a perfect weather day. I spent some time cleaning, some time reading on the porch and some time pursuing the internet. Here is one good and inspirational thing:

"Project Row Houses (PRH) is a neighborhood-based nonprofit art and cultural organization in Houston’s Northern Third Ward, one of the city’s oldest African-American communities....

PRH is founded on the principle that art-and the community it creates-can be the foundation for revitalizing depressed inner-city neighborhoods. This principle was is in part based on the philosophy of German artist Joseph Beuys (1921 – 1986) who coined the phrase “social sculpture,” which transformed the idea of sculpture as an art form into a social activity. Thus, the mission of Project Row Houses is to create community through the celebration of art, African American history and culture. PRH has established programs that encompass arts and culture, neighborhood revitalization, low-income housing, education, historic preservation, and community service."

affordable housing/interactive art/young mother's program/after school program/artist incubation/artist residencies/color....every neighborhood should be this awesome. This looks like the coolest place on earth.