Thursday, February 12, 2009

The art journals

I don't claim at all, ever to be an artist. But I do like to draw and create and I like other people to draw and create and dance because that is our birthright, really.

Right now I am doing a series of exercises from a book called "Creative Journaling" that help with tuning into one's feelings, identifying the root problems, expressing what is blocked and so on. This picture was a self-portrait sort of deal. A lot of what I'd drawn thus far was random imagery and somewhere in me I was expecting a black blob to show up in the page. But I made this feral woman with a necklace of bugs and snakes and fangs and a smile. And I liked it.


  1. Thanks to visit my blog !! Do you know others artists who like to draw in Charlottesville ?

  2. I had a wonderful Russian friend who loved to draw and just moved home. He was talented, like you. Somehow I know a lot of photographers right now.

    How long have you lived here?