Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Post 101 is about my #1 Favorite artist

It really starts here for me. Thinking back lately of things that I saw or experienced when I was young that made such lasting inspiration. Certainly seeing Howard Finster, the man and his vision and art, was one. Self taught, hard working and a great storyteller with a unique vision. Love it so much.

From the biography on his official site: "A little boy standing in the fields of sweet home in Alabama had his first vision at age three. Howard Finster looked up to see his sister come down from the clouds with steps appearing before her as she came and went, never touching the ground. Her name was Abby and he called to her. Little did he know that he had just seen his first vision. He grew up in a family of thirteen children, several siblings left him to be with Jesus before he was grown. At the age of sixteen he was called to preach. He started many tent revivals, and built several churches. He married Pauline and they raised five children. They have always been faithful to their marriage, to their children, and most of all, to the service of the Lord. Howard and Pauline would have been married sixty-six years October, 24, 2001, the day after he left to be with Jesus. The story is told that the Reverend Howard Finster gave up preaching because one Sunday night he asked who remembered his Sunday morning sermon. No one did. Now he reaches out to the congregation of the world."

 Howard created more than 46,000 pieces of art and created Paradise Gardens at his home in Somerville, GA.

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  1. You expose me to so many great artists and creative spirits that I end up loving!