Saturday, November 5, 2011

Butch Anthony, *Sigh*

Go and look up everything you can find about Butch Anthony. He who makes life into art and magic down there in Alabama. This is the south I dreamed of and how I came to be here and why I will never leave.

"Mr. Anthony, a lanky and laconic 46-year-old who dresses exclusively in Liberty denim overalls (he owns 25 pairs) and a battered straw hat (he has 10), is a self-taught artist, builder and local hero, whom the state of Alabama once chose to make a Christmas tree ornament for the White House — the Bush 43 version. He is also the host of the Doo Nanny, the annual alt/folk art “micro” festival, as he calls it, that started as an “art party” he and two friends gave on the side of the road 15 years ago in nearby Pittsview, and moved to Mr. Anthony’s property here three years ago. " (New York Times)

Over 10,000 curiosities from around the world and beyond.

25 cents.

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